Apply for Car Stickers


  1. Charges for 1st car sticker are Rs: 600 and for 2nd car sticker are Rs: 400
  2. This amount will be charged in fee bill
  3. In case of any questions or queries, please contact Security Department, Aitchison College, Lahore
Plese click here to view car stickers policy.
Principal's Letter - Important information for Car Stickers

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Date 2021-10-21
Requestor Name
Requestor Email
Relation with student
Number of stickers
Car1 Registration #
Car2 Registration #
School Number 1
School Number 2
School Number 3
School Number 4
School Number 5
Name of Driver 1
Name of Driver 2
Name of Driver 3
Driver3 Relation
Name of Driver 4
Name of Driver 5